Direct Product Sourcing

About Direct Product Sourcing

Expanding on our 25+ years of knowledge, expertise and contacts in the garment manufacturing business we have established a network of suppliers worldwide to help entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies large and small to produce, find and source products to for their specific use or industry.

No matter what size your company is, successful ones are focused. A trucking company does not produce safety vests as much as a winery does not make tires. Our services allow you concentrate on your business and let us help you find and source the things that would make you more successful, profitable and more efficient.

Please contact us for a free consultation on what we can services we can provide.

Products That Outperform

Our innovative products are created to outperform other products on the market and can be branded to represent your business. The Alais team is ready to go above and beyond after sale to ensure your products over perform for your business needs.