PPE Face Protection

LEVEL 1 Non-medical Disposable Masks

These masks are flexible, loose-fitting, and disposable. This is the style traditionally seen worn by surgeons. They are meant to prevent the wearer from expelling germs onto others, rather than keeping germs out. They will provide the wearer protection against larger droplets, or sprays, that land on the outside of the mask such as sneezing, coughing, or talking. Keep in mind that due to the loose fitting, the masks may still allow significant exposure to particulates via gaps on the sides.

  • QTY – 50 PCS

  • QTY – 2000 PCS

  • G.W – 9.10 KGS

  • N.W – 6.85 KGS

  • Size – 52x38x38 CM

KN95 Masks

These filtration masks are a style of respirator that offers more protection than surgical masks. The 95 confirms that the masks will filter out up to 95% particles (i.e. aerosolized viruses) from very small to larger particulates. They are a tight-fitting mask designed to seal around the nose and mouth, and requires the wearer to create a good fit to ensure effectiveness.

  • QTY – 50 PCS

  • 3-Layer Design

  • Size – 10×15.5 CM

  • Melt-blown Fabric Filtration

  • QTY – 50 PCS Per Box (5X5X9.25 IN)

  • Box Gross Weight 0.79 LB

  • 20 Boxes Per Carton (26X10.5X19.5 IN)
  • Carton Gross Weight – 18.8 LB

  • 28 Cartons Per Pallet

  • Pallet Gross Weight – 406 LBS (including pallet)

  • Pallet Total Height – 74 IN

Transparent Mouth Shield

These transparent mouth shields are designed for anyone involved in food preparation or food service. The clear plastic provides protection from droplets but allows your face and mouth to be seen by the people that are being served or waited on.

Sublimated Masks

The benefit to these masks are that they are reusable, washable, and have a filter liner, as well as the added benefit of Silvadur which is an anti-odor material. These masks are meant to provide comfort to those around the wearer, rather than protect the wearer themselves, as they help prevent the likelihood of passing the virus on to others. These are important to wear in public to keep the people around you more comfortable and confident that you will not spread the virus to them. These are great for companies as they can be printed with a pattern, logo, or picture that may give employees a less intimidating look to their customers, while also providing a feeling of safety.

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